Aquaphor PREMIUM 3.8 L filter jug

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Aquaphor PREMIUM 3.8 L filter jug

3.8 L filter jug
High-quality food grade plastic
Modern stylish design

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  • Large capacity 3.8 L filtration jug (blue pitcher) with B100-5 universal filter- 300 L filter life .This great value pitcher allows larger households to keep ever ready filtered water in the fridge or on the counter knowing that the water will remain contaminant free at all times. Comes with a free filter that provides a quality of filtered water that can't be found from other premium brands.


    Owing to application of the unique fibrous sorption materials belonging to the AQUALEN brand, with the best varieties of activated coals, this filter cartridge reliably and irreversibly detains not only certain organic compounds, iron and heavy metals, and other types of harmful admixtures, as well as it eliminates excessive water hardness and also prevents scaling.
    Modification of AQUALENTM fibre containing silver is applied for suppression of bacterial growth (patent of the USA № 6,299,771).


    Operational wear at 20% 50%

    Active chlorine 100% 100%
    Petroleum products (benzoyl) 95% 95%
    Phenol 99% 97%
    Chlorine organic
    compounds (chloroform) 99% 98%
    Heavy metals:
    Lead 99% 99%
    Mercury 99% 99%
    Pesticides 99% 99%


    1. Place this filter cartridge in its horizontal position into cold water for 10 minutes; then shake it with caution in order to oust air.
    2. Firmly insert the cartridge into the funnel hole.
    3. Filter and pour out the first two pitchers of water. It is recommended for subsequent flushing of the filter cartridge from any traces of coal dust, which may form during transportation of the unit.
    4. Now, your filter cartridge is ready for use.

    If the pitcher with filter is stored without water for longer than one week it is required to soak cartridge in cold water for 30 minutes before use.
    Try to keep the water purifier away from impacts and falls, do not locate it close to the heating devices and prevent from freezing.

    The service life (operational wear) of this filter cartridge is 300 litres of tap water, which makes up two months of the filter operation by a family, comprising 3 people. Upon expiry of the service life the cartridge should be replaced.

    Type of installation

    Dimensions (mm)
    H: 261 x W: 285 x D: 138

    1.0000 kilos

    Compatible with

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