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  • Water Filter Jugs

    Water Filters

    Humans are made up of 80% water, so it is important that we drink pure clean water.

    We have a great selection of water filters and water filter jugs which are ideal for quick, simply water purification without the needs of larger expensive installations

  • Water filter systems

    Water Softening

    Most of the UK have to put up with hard water. This can be very poor for our health in the long term as well as our pipes and drainage systems.

    It is important that we soften not only our drinking water, but all our main water to prevent the need for future repairs around the house.

  • Water Softeners

    Home Water Filters

    It can be very daunting trying to insall any type of reverse osmosis or water softener sytstem.

    We are happy to arrange one of our qualified plumbers to come and install your system for you, so you know nothing can go wrong.

  • Reverse Osmosis

    Reverse Osmosis

    Reverse Osmosis produces the purest water is the perfect solution for anyone required healthy, clean drinking water.

    We have a great range of Reverse Osmosis water filter systems which we can arrange to be installed for you as a whole house or under sink system.

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Sounds an alarm upon sensing a leak

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